You know you're ready to make your tiny living dreams a reality - but figuring it all out from scratch? So overwhelming!

Where do you start? You have questions. You have concerns.

You want to learn from someone (or two people!) who have been there, done that.

DESIGN. BUILD. DOWNSIZE. is where your tiny living dreams become a solid plan and a reality, and your complicated questions become easy answers so you can really DO this tiny living thing.

In this virtual tiny house workshop, you will learn everything about buying a trailer for your tiny home, designing and building your tiny home, how to incorporate off-grid systems and sustainable building methods, downsizing, and so much more.

These are the exact trainings that Dan Louche (Tiny Home Builders) and Mariah Pastell (Comet Camper) give at their tiny home building workshops, which usually cost more than $500+ to attend.

This virtual workshop is a super affordable alternative to OUR live TINY HOUSE workshopS (WHICH SELL OUT EVERY TIME).

This will be a live virtual workshop with discussion and Q + A time throughout, so all of your questions will get answered.

The Virtual Tiny House Workshop is currently closed for enrollment. Get on the waitlist to find out when our next session will start! 

There will be a LIVE Q + A Session with Dan and Mariah, plus discussion board and live chat during the workshop.



Dan Louche and Mariah Pastell have taught at over 30 tiny house workshops and events over the past 2 years.

Those live events are great, and we love meeting and talking with so many other cool people that share our interests.

But there’s one problem, and it’s one that we've noticed AGAIN and AGAIN: Those workshops aren’t always very accessible.

They are either far away from where you live, only happening on a weekend when you just can’t make it happen, or the cost is just too expensive for two days (including airfare and hotels!).

We get it!

So we invite you to join us for this one-time, live workshop, where you will get to meet your fellow future friends, spend two days learning and talking tiny, and get personalized, expert advice from us.

You don’t have to be building a “tiny house” per se to do the workshop either. If you want to re-design the living space in a trailer, if you want to design your small house in a box van or a cargo van conversion, or renovate a small cabin, you are welcome to join us.

Enrollment for Design / Build / Downsize, the Virtual Tiny House Workshop, is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to find out when the doors open again! 

Learn from the experts - who have both done this before and lived it too.

Dan and Mariah are both experts in their field, having both designed, built and lived in tiny homes.

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Mariah has designed and built multiple tiny homes for clients, has renovated three vintage trailers into eco-awesome off-grid homes, and has modded out and lived in a custom camper van. She's also helped thousands of people downsize into the tiny lifestyle through her consulting services and online course, Tiny Transition and Downsizing™.

Dan is the tiny house building and systems expert, with a best-selling book about building your own tiny home, The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide. Dan has built many, many tiny homes, teaches popular in-person workshops, and is one of the original tiny home builders.

They have taught many in-person tiny house workshops together (and more than 30 combined). They both wanted to create a way for more people to get the information they needed to start designing and building their own tiny homes, without the investment of going to a live workshop (which have limited spots available and always sell out!).



Dan Louche has designed and built many tiny homes, and teaches the popular Tiny Home Builders workshops. He is the author of the Tiny House Design and Construction Guide. You can find Dan at

Dan has been designing and building tiny homes for 6 years. He has extensive experience in building, systems, plumbing, and electrical for tiny homes. Dan's company, Tiny Home Builders, sells quality homes, trailers, plans and more. His workshops sell out every time and people often travel from across the country to attend.

Mariah Pastell has designed, built and lived in tiny homes and off-grid vintage campers for the past 5 years, and teaches the popular Tiny Transition and Downsizing course. Mariah can be found at

Mariah has a degree in Sustainable Design & Build, multiple certificates in the field and has built many tiny homes and renovated multiple vintage trailers to be off-grid, sustainable tiny homes. She's lived in any tiny, small, mobile situation you can imagine - and loves teaching others how to make this tiny dream into their REAL LIFE.

I feel completely ready to build a house on my own!
— Timothy E.




Dan will walk you step by step through choosing the right tiny house trailer for your needs. This is literally the foundation of your house - and one of the most important decisions you will make! Make sure you're getting the right trailer for your build and what you need to watch out for.


If "electrical" sounds intimidating to you, this part of the workshop will clarify your questions and show you just how simple this system really is. The way Dan breaks it down is so easy to understand. His trainings on this topic are step-by-step and practical.


If you're wondering about how you're going to have a shower, a sink, and running water - we've got you covered! Doing your own plumbing isn't as hard as it sounds! Dan's step by step explanations show you everything you need to know to go forward with confidence. You will see everything you need to feel confident in plumbing for tiny homes.


What tools do you need to build a tiny house? What methods does Dan use to put together his custom built tiny homes? This lesson will go over the building basics. You will learn about screws vs. nails, best practices, and have all of your "but how does that fit together?" questions answered!




Mariah designed and built her own tiny space and has designed many other small spaces. In this workshop, she will show you how the design process works so that you can confidently design a tiny home that is uniquely YOU!


Want to take your tiny house off the grid? Planning to use solar power or recycle your greywater? Want to use a waterless composting toilet? Mariah has a degree in Sustainable Design and Build - with a focus on off-grid systems. She will be walking you through the elements of an off-grid tiny home. You don't need to implement all of these systems - but you'lllearn how you can incorporate these money and planet-saving elements into your design.


After downsizing her own life from 1500+ square feet to just 112 sq. ft. (and then 35 while living in a van!), Mariah has helped thousands of people with their own downsizing journeys. She will be showing you how to curate a life you love, WHY we hold on to stuff, HOW to get rid of the stuff, and how to make a smooth transition from dream to reality.


If you plan to use sustainable or reclaimed materials in your tiny home, this is for you. Mariah will be covering how to build a sustainable tiny home, how to choose materials, what your options are, and how to save money when building with reclaimed materials!


BONUSES for Virtual Tiny House Workshop attendees

All live attendees will receive as special bonuses:

  • a free copy of Dan's eBook, The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide.
  • Access to the recordings of the trainings
  • More than $1200 worth of discounts on your favorite tiny house products.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences & skills with me & so many others. What a gift!
— Beth

You'll also learn...

  • How to save THOUSANDS of dollars on your tiny house building materials (many of our workshop attendees say THIS INFO ALONE is worth the cost of the entire workshop!)
  • How to build your own composting toilet for less than $50, and save $1,000 on a dry toilet solution
  • How to create your own solar power system and save hundreds of dollars on components for your PV system
  • The Step-by-Step process for building your tiny house (what to do first, second, third, in what order)
  • Which building materials, insulation, and windows and appliances we recommend
  • And so much more!
Thank you for a wonderful workshop! This is the first tiny house workshop I have attended, but it was so much more comprehensive than I could have imagined. Dan and Mariah were both excellent instructors providing great information and enough detail to get you really started as well as suggested resources for more guidance. I was especially thankful to find such a complete workshop available online since distance to a real-life workshop was cost prohibitive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone who is ready to design and build a tiny house.
— Andrea Schlafer


This LIVE Virtual Tiny House Workshop is currently closed for enrollment. Get on the waitlist to find out when the doors open again!

Workshop days go from 12 noon until 4 pm Eastern time, both days.

The cost of the Virtual Tiny House Workshop is $197 (significantly more affordable than our live in-person workshops).


How does this work? I've never been to a virtual workshop!

The workshop will be delivered in the seminar/teleseminar format, so you can attend from any location in the world!

There is a live group chat throughout the workshop, so you can ask questions, get answers, and make connections.

You will receive a special link to join the live virtual workshop before we start.


What do I get when I register?

  •  Access to the live virtual workshop
  •  8 lessons that cover everything from designing and building to downsizing
  •  Access to all of the recordings and materials afterwards as well.
  •  A digital copy of Dan Louche's Tiny House Design and Construction Guide.
  •  More than $1200 worth of discounts on your favorite tiny house products (only available to workshop attendees).


What if I can't come live - can I still watch the workshop recordings and get all of the MAterials and bonuses?

Yes of course! You do not need to come to the live workshop if you are busy those days - you can still receive all of the materials and catch up at your convenience. But you do need to register before the live event in order to get access to those!


Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes we do! We want this workshop to be affordable for everyone. You can register today, and pay two monthly payments of $109 each. 


Will you be offering this again?

We aren't sure when we'll offer this workshop again, but it won't be until next year. So if you want to come live and get access to us, ask us questions about your tiny home build or situation, now is the time. We will not sell the recordings or make those available if you don't register for the live virtual workshop.


I have a question - who can I ask?

You may email us at We're happy to answer your questions related to the workshop!

As a teacher I find you to be remarkably openminded, accessible and supportive. Your greatest gift to me was help in clarifying my desires and providing a new mindset or paradigm shift.
— Dixie

See what our students are saying...


"The Virtual Tiny House Workshop provided me valuable information. I now have a better understanding of trailer selection, on and off grid systems, and design principles. Thanks Mariah and Dan, I would recommend this workshop for anyone interested in building a tiny house."
 - Pat Roney


"I have been looking at / planning our THOW for quite a while, but my husband has been saying, "Let's just get an RV and live out of it." I wanted a *home*, not an RV, and I think this workshop is the ticket to convincing him that this is the way to go. It provides all the "nitty-gritty" details I have been looking for, as well as being a format that I can take on *my* schedule and location, instead of waiting for a workshop to be held near me at a convenient time. Thanks! "

- Martha Zimmerman


"I cannot thank you enough for having this virtual workshop.  It has already impacted my tiny home design/building thought processes. I was looking into attending one of Dan's in person workshops.  I decided to sign-up based on price and wanted to find out if it was the right option for me to build or have someone else build my tiny house. all the useful information it made me change or rethink some of my design choices. This virtual workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to know if they should or can build their own tiny home.  Dan takes the fear away for DIY on plumbing, electrical, and more.  Mariah has helped me know more about preparing to downsize, provide designing tips, and being resourceful with building/living in your tiny home.  This is a valuable resource to ask those questions from experts instead of just relying on internet searches.  I'm now one step closer to my tiny home dream.

- Maribell Buchanan


"The workshop provided me with much of the info and resources I need to finally get started on this project.Very impressed with both Mariah and Dan as teachers.  Thanks so much for what you are doing and how you are doing it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about this entire process."

- John Silva